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How the Wilders Hysteria is Linked to Holland. Who exploits it. And how it will disappear. (2, Colonial attitudes.) [EN]

Wilders is NOT about Islam. Any foreign intrusion would have done. He is about xenophobia and hate-mongering.

In the first part of this series, we talked about the transnational effects of the Dutch Wilders hysteria against Muslims. And how it is exploited and financed by foreign sources like the Advocacy Project of Daniel Pipes in the U.S.A. and Israel. We will have to return to the international financing problem as well as to the ongoing European contamination, in one of the next instances.

"Geert Akbar": The some 200 activists who supported Wilders on January 20 at his Amsterdam court appearance, were not without some humour...Our subject here, in the second part, is the typical Dutch background of the hysterical Wilders upsurge. The Wilders phenomenon has nothing to do, in our opinion, with the Islam. Any religious, ethnic or cultural intrusion into the dream of a peaceful and quiet Dutch society, could have done the job. Wilders is not about Islam. It is about xenophobia. And hate-mongering.

Redundant workers are left alone

As many researchers and thinkers nowadays understand, the globalization of economy, trade and culture are felt as an intrusion into their daily life, by the men and women who live in marginalized parts of Western cities. Structurally, they are no more needed for production of goods. (See my articles about the rise and downfall of the need for urban workers at the e-urban site: Les quartiers relégués... (FR)Missbrauch der Geographie des Armuts.. (DE).

Foreign, mostly Muslim, immigrants take the jobs of the former local (former generation) immigrant workers. And the new immigrants are in their turn put aside, as their wages get too high, compared to those in, for instance, China. But China is over their horizon. The local inhabitants only see their immigrant neighbours.

And that is hard.

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Wilders Prepares for His Day in Court (Set for January 20, 2010) 

January 20, 2010, Geert Wilders will have to appear in Court in Amsterdam. A number of Dutch individuals and non-governmental organizations have indicted the anti-Islamic hate-monger for, (what else?) : Hate-Mongering.

Dutch cartoonist Adriaan (Soeterbroek) proposed today this image to HUIBSLOG. We gladly accepted it for publication. Adriaan's superb "clear line" drawings...

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A Kurt Westergaard Cartoon that Wilders will not publish on his Website [EN]

Westergaard's Wilders caricature (2008), published in the Danish Press.

Some days ago, Kurt Westergaard, one of the Danish cartoonists who published, 2006, the so-called "Mohammad-Cartoons", was attacked at his home, by a Somalian Islamist. Westergaard was not injured and the loony perpetrator has been arrested by the Danish police. Westergaard was the author of the cartoon featuring a man with a bomb in his turban.

The whole international scene of Islam-bashers and fear-mongers immediately jumped upon the welcome opportunity, to illustrate their loony ideology once again. Mr. Wilders could not afford to miss the occasion either, and published some of the Danish cartoons (again) on his website.

But 73 year old Kurt Westergaard is not a political friend of Mr. Wilders' ideas.

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Eindelijk! PvdA NOOIT met Wilders samen (Bos) [NL] 12.12.09

Eindelijk is de kogel door de (linkse) kerk! Op het Apeldoornse PvdA-congres (12.12.09) verklaarde partijleider Wouter Bos onder grote instemming:

,,Het Nederland van Wilders is ons Nederland niet", zei Bos. De stellingname van Bos werd door de partijleden met een langdurig ovationeel applaus begroet.

(NRC-Handelsblad, Derk Stokmans, 12 en 14 december 2009; de foto is ook ontleend aan de NRC, copyright Roel Rozenburg)

Nu het CDA nog.

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