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« Laten zien waar het op staat met Wilders: Wachten Kan Niet Meer... 3.1.10 [NL] | Main | A Kurt Westergaard Cartoon that Wilders will not publish on his Website [EN] »

Wilders Prepares for His Day in Court (Set for January 20, 2010) 

(c) Adriaan Soeterbroek, NL.January 20, 2010, Geert Wilders will have to appear in Court in Amsterdam. A number of Dutch individuals and non-governmental organizations have indicted the anti-Islamic hate-monger for, (what else?) : Hate-Mongering.

Dutch cartoonist Adriaan (Soeterbroek) proposed today this image to HUIBSLOG. We gladly accepted it for publication. Adriaan's superb "clear line" drawings are in the best Belgian-Dutch comics tradition. BTW: Isn't it free artists, who are the bearers of "our culture", and NOT witless politicians? Even if they feature a peroxide wig?

You may follow Adriaan on his Twitter account.

In HUIBSLOG and in At Home in Europe:

Follow us NOW on the upcoming Wilders issues:

  • Amsterdam Court about Hate-mongering and Racism
  • Wilders' Party Finances coming from the US,
  • Israeli Rightist Support for Wilders,
  • Wilders' representatives in the European Parliament: the Dutch people's interests squandered,
  • Is it allowed to disguise a lobbying firm as a political party?,
  • "Wehret den Anfängen!" (Be alert when it starts!), about former (often all too recent) origins of discrimination, hate-mongering, supremacist movements, ethnic cleansing, pogroms, genocides and holocausts  ...

Versie in het Nederlands op De Lage Landen.

Deutsche Fassung kommt!

Et les Français? Si l'identité nationale française devrait se définir en complément à l'image haineuse d'un Islam intentionnellement diabolisé, quelle sera la différence avec la "culture du plat-pays" à la M. Wilders et de ses précurseurs racistes?

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