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Parents in the XXI century (EN)

She was born when I was 54 years old. Never a child has been more welcome. She is not a child any more. She is an "adolescente". I should not know what she does with her friends, girls and boys. But I do. Not by what she tells me, but by what I see, by what I feel.
We will share more than two weeks of togetherness in the insects-infested Dobri Dol house.
We promised each other during the 200 Kms car ride from Sofia, that we would try to make this very last togetherness during summer, a success.
We did. My girl is in a turmoil. I know that she will choose the right way. But sometimes, she is lost.
A twenty-first century parent is there, to help. If helping is permitted.
Please, dear daughter, let me help.
I know that I can be of some help to You...

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