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Ulfkotte Contest: Airline "apologizing" for booting muslims from plane - Christian (paying) passengers are expected to submit to burkas and suspect behavior [EN]

Ulfkotte Contest in English!

Did you forget? HUIBSLOG and the other blogs in HUIBS.NET are running an "Ulfkotte Contest".
Participating is easy and free: Write a "real Ulfkotte" with all the elements you usually see in "Akte Islam", Ulfkottes contributions to "Kopp Aktuell", or Ulfkottes books. The only people who are barred from participating are Ulfkotte himself, his family members and his collaborators, including his lawyers. An interesting Ulfkotte documentation is at your fingertips at this website.

An US reader submitted this imaginative and original Ulfkotte lookalike article:

Akte Islam Goes American!

Here is "Akte Islam". Your reliable source for hating all that smells of Muslims (c).

Welcome, American friends.

From this point of time on, you'll need our expert*) advice, since the people who have been bribed into handing over our Western Culture (you say: "Civilization", a small variation in our Beloved judeo-christian-(humanistic, -but I am not sure of this last one-) Contraption), well, I mean how dangerous they are, the people who are preparing themselves to rule your country, too!

*) Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is an independent security expert for business and government, as well as an expert of Islam, secret services and an assistant professor for security management at an academy in northern Germany. His website (in German) offers an inside view into his life and publications.

I say: "too", for I am writing from a continent that is transforming itself into "EURABIA". You will understand the pun (!). Nobody ever should say again that we, Germans, have no sense of humor. Otherwise, I will have my lawyer file a complaint against you at the Frankfurter Landgericht. (That is our German Guantanamo Kangaroo Court that will act against anybody, who is a foreign hostile blogger and who dares to state that I am a Racist (!).)

No, a Racist I am not. I learned my lesson. My parents made some mistakes, more than sixty years ago, but I grew up at an University that proudly featured a slogan at its entrance, saying: "Wissen Macht Frei" (Knowing Liberates). But I am not denying, that much "Arbeit" (Work) is involved to become a "Wissender" (a Knowledgeable). Here, NO pun is intended. I checked with the Frankfurter Landgericht.

A subterranean encroachment on American Values

Wouldn't you too have been horrified at the sight of these impertinent cocitizens, wearing beard and headscarve as if Orlando lies in Saudi Arabia?Well, as we got to know each other a little now, I'd like to have your attention for something seemingly small, but in my expert opinion, of no small consequence to your future as a free, judeo-christian (-humanistic?, I'm still not sure about that, I'll ask the Evangelicals who support me), civilization. Not less!

For, what is going on?

The sound and civic alert of the majority of (paying) Christian (maybe also jewish and humanistic, but I am again not sure about those mentioned in the last place. Donnerwetter!, I'd wish the Enlightenment had never happened - but that is a sideline you should ignore, please), well, I am resuming my phrase: the normal taxpaying passengers' sound reaction to a group of bearded and veiled co-citizens (We say: "Mitbürger", to ashame the softies and traitors from the Left), who were dicussing, of all things, where to sit in the plane, as to maximally avoid danger, when an accident would occur, well, the sound reaction, to repeat myself, was, to have them removed from the AirTran flight to Orlando from Washington DC at Reagan National Airport, of all places.

Caving in to Islamic Ruling Pretensions

In anticipation of the upcoming Obama Presidency, the airline (my source is the Washington Post; my sources are often less reliable, so you are lucky to get first class service for once) got on its KNEES, and APOLOGIZED to the muslims who had been disturbing the peace and sense of security of mainstream passengers!

Look what WaPo has to say:

AirTran initially defended its actions in removing the nine passengers after others reported their remarks about the safest place to sit on an airplane.

But as reports of the incident spread yesterday, the airline said in a statement that it had offered the group a refund for their replacement tickets and free return airfare. It also apologized to 95 other passengers whose flight was delayed about two hours.

"We regret that the issue escalated to the heightened security level it did on New Year's Day, but we trust everyone understands that the security and the safety of our passengers is paramount and cannot be compromised," AirTran spokesman Tad Hutcheson said. "Nobody on Flight 175 reached their destination on time . . . and we regret it."

Political Correctness at its best! After adopting a stern and unreproachable attitude, the airline company surrendered to mainstream media pressure. In stead of having the muslim disturbers paying amends to the regular passengers who missed their day at Disneyland and 1001 Night stories of Aladdin and Sindbad the Sailor (thus sabotaging our access to Western cultural heritage!), they receive a "refund" and a free ride home!!

An outrageous "complaint", as if the Sharia were already law...

But it gets weirder still: "a Muslim civil rights group said it intends to press a discrimination complaint against the airline for its treatment of the passengers."

That is how we are treated by our "Mitbürger" all the time: Not content with making people uneasy and inspiring fear to normal middle class tax-paying holiday-makers on a trip to Disneyland Orlando (Fl), they charge the overburdened legal system with pointless complaints, in order to sabotage it and replace it with the sharia. The Islamic "Herrschaftsanspruch" (the claim for being the rulers), follows clearly from the outrageous underpinning of the complaint (WaPo again):

"It is incumbent on any airline to ensure that members of the traveling public are not singled out or mistreated based on their perceived race, religion or national origin. We believe this disturbing incident would never have occurred had the Muslim passengers removed from the plane not been perceived by other travelers and airline personnel as members of the Islamic faith," said the complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation by the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an advocacy group.

Provocative behavior: Want us to dress, eat and behave as if our planes were camels in the desert...

Muslims taking over our planes and protest against pork meals, imposing the Sharia upon us, before we are aware of it...Imagine. You worked hard all year and earned for yourself, your wife and your children a New Years' eve holiday to Disneyland, Orlando (Fl). You are aware, that president Bush's war against Afghanistan and against Iraq did not exactly deliver the results that were hoped for. Arriving at the plane, you meet a bunch of bearded men and women wearing headscarves (I have invented the word "Stoffkäfig" for that kind of clothing, which means: "textile cage". I cannot hide, that I am very proud of my invention. The use of that expression is not permitted without mentioning me as its author. Otherwise, the Frankfurter Landgericht... - you know what I mean!), well, you are in the presence of those uneasy people who took the life of more than 3.000 Americans by hijacking passenger planes, and who seem to be discussing how to prepare the hijacking of your plane - wouldn't you stand up as free Americans and have them removed immediately?

If they want to go to Disneyland or to some Madrassah in Orlando, why don't they take their car, or, more to the point: hire some camels?

What is wrong with the sound reaction of true Americans? (We call that "Gesundes Volksempfinden", people's sound feelings or intuition). But, like in Europe, the US authorities and the mainstream media have already surrendered to muslim ruling claims and the sharia. They "apologize" to the terrorists and unrepenting mass murderers (Armenians -1915, to name one of the many that occurred) and risk to have themselves condemned by dhimmi judges, bowing to the pretensions of "civil rights" organizations like CAIR. As we are still waiting to hear Muslims adhere to OUR civil rights and repent for their systematic violations of human rights in history, why should we bother to deal with their frustrations with our necessary security system?

Akte Islam-US may be the greatest 21st century contribution to our common cultural heritage...

Akte Islam is reaching out to you, fellow-Christians (and Jews, but here is some caution needed too, for as an animal lover I am against ritual slaughtering; but at least in Germany, there are not too many of them left, so that problem will be dealt with later), I say: fellow-Christians (and Humanists - but only those who follow Mina Abadi from the Iran Council-Communists, not the "Gutmenschen" -"dogooders" who sell us consciously or unconsciously to - you know), well I shouldn't be interrupting myself all the time, as I was saying: fellow-Christians from the US, it is YOUR turn now to be served by my Office (Akte Islam) and profit from my large knowledge, experience and documentation. Documentation that is not to be found at the mainstream media, who systematically and criminally ignore it, but at marginal sources like the esoteric Kopp Verlag, small press agencies and my informers from every imaginable secret service in the West and elsewhere. Sometimes, my letterbox is overflowing with their denunciation letters, so that I have to send them back to their offices. And guess what happens? They return them to me and charge ME with bribing secret agents! (Read "The World Upside Down" at my website, in English.) You'll understand now how much postage stamps I have to waste and why I need your money so badly.

Something more about Dr. Udo Ulfkotte: A man on the run, protected by his deep convictions, mountain top crosses, dogs going barefoot, hiding in a Christian mountain village...

This is me in my library. I happen to stand before some copies of my bestselling books. I'll tell you why it is only now, that I turn to the stronghold of Western Civilization in order to let them share my message.

As a majority of my "Pax Europa" anti-Eurabia movement deserted recently our struggle for legal harrassing of Muslim minorities, to join rightwing extremist groups like the Vlaams Belang, who may only be enrolled by real democrats like me on special occasions (for instance when your child is mortally ill, or, for that matter, your planned manifestation in Brussels is in danger), so, as they deserted me, I look out for new fertile fields to sow my seeds.

I am honest with you. I understand very well, that the German secret services, of which I am a long-time collaborator, did not serve you well with the so-called "curveball" revelations about Saddam's non-existent WMD in 2002. Without revealing too much of the secret procedures involved, I can assure you, that I personally was not involved at all. In fact, I am never really involved in BND (= German CIA) operations, for I am only an occasonally consulted "V-Mann", and what is more: mostly consulted on my own initiative, not theirs, but that is another story.

As you'll get to know me better, you'll see, that I am a man, who always turns defeat into a surge forward. Even, or especially, when an abyss lies before me. We are all in God's Hand.

I retreated to a Christian mountain village, when thousands of Turks were going to murder my family and me, last year. When I look at the Gipfelkreuz (Cross on the mountain top) above me, that guards me and my family and that I helped to save from Muslim efforts to replace it by a half moon, I feel proud of our judeo-christian tradition and I get the force to move forward.

All the more so, when I meet the village dogs, who are still going barefoot, without the four shoes that Muslims force on them. Even our innocent animal friends suffer under the dictatorial sharia. Part of me hopes, that, once, they will throw their shoes at Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans, one of my favored scapegoats.

But, I have to wake up now, from my little Udopia that came true. Back to business!

All gifts, small and large, are welcome!

The US department of Akte Islam is from now on at your service. We bring a huge amount of expertise and knowledge to your country. I am sure, you will trust us and hand over the money, I and my family need so badly.

Please note our Bank account and take note, that if you send money to my former organization "Pax Europa", even by error, you'll be supporting an extreme rightwing organization and be liable to get indicted by my lawyers at the Frankfurter Landgericht, as has happened to a number of the deserters and (scro .. word omitted) who are running my former movement now...


Our appreciation

I can state here, that we are extremely pleased with this contribution to our Contest.

It is as if we hear Mr. Ulfkotte himself, speaking at one of the meetings in German or Swiss provincial localities, where he is scaring housewives, who suddenly realize that their Sparschweine are in danger, and butchers who become aware, for the first time, that muslim clients subreptitously spit on their pork, not to mention the good Christian Democrats of Mösingen City in Baden-Württemberg, who learned, that the "Stoffkafig" of muslim women serves their anonymity as they have sexual relations with a considerable number of men, who are all using indiscriminately her cellphone, in order to avoid being identified by the police, when perpetrating their crimes, as they have been instructed to do by the Muslim Fraternity ...

However, dear English-speaking readerss, be not discouraged by the high level of this early English contribution!

Take it as a challenge! Join us in the wonderful world of Udopia.

And I bet, you'll need no more trip to the real Disneyland.

Which is, in any case, a considerable boon to your purse and your Sparschweinchen...


Eine deutsche Übersetzung wäre willkommen. Gibt es Freiwilliger?


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