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Watch Wilders' Fitna movie here and be ashamed with me 27.3 [EN]

I wasn't ready yet with reproducing the intelligent comments by Green-Left Leader Femke Halsema about Wilders' manipulation of the media, the Parliament and public opinion about his little anti-Islamic movie on HUIBSLOG [NL], when an alert of the Dutch daily "De Volkskrant" announced, that he had published it on "LiveLeak" today.

I have the "YouTube" version here, that features an English translation of the (sparse) comments in Dutch:

Now I understand, why Mr. Wilders was not very keen on publishing his little movie. It is not shocking at all. We all know, that 9/11 was horrible and that terrorism is despicable. Not only fundamentalist Islamists do it, Christian fundis do the same, als well as anarchists, libertarians, hindus and shintoists. Not all of them: Far from that! Only a tiny minority. The whole movie has nothing to do with the way the overwhelming majority of today's Muslims are in their religion.

I do not see anything else than an opportunistic surge into racism, with the sole intention to frighten the people and to seduce them into accepting a leadership that is undemocratic and beset with violence. If Wilders is not after such an outcome, somebody should make him understand. Not tomorrow, but now.

As we said earlier: A psychiatrist is urgently needed.

As my Dutch friends are saying: "Wilders takes us as his hostages". Our shame about him, shouldn't prevent us from taking decisive action. We are living in a liberal, respectful, democracy, after all.

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