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Wake-Up Call for Dutch Christian Democrats [EN] [NL] 

Next Saturday, October 2, a meeting of provincial deputies of the Christian-Democrat Party (CDA),will approve or reject a coalition contract that it's actual interim leader, Mr. Maxime Verhagen, also acting Foreign Secretary, has concluded with the pathetical islamophobe Geert Wilders. That contract should provide necessary parliamentary support for a conservative minority Government.

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London must allow Wilders' agitation 14/10 [EN]

February 2009, British Government did the right thing. They did not allow Geert Wilders to come on British soil in order to spread his venomous ideas under the umbrella of the anti-European UKIP party.

Blocking an elected representative from a befriended country is indeed exceptional. But in my view, British Government set an example of integrity, ashaming Dutch Parliament, that allows a no-membership "party" to agitate on racial issues. Most parties in Holland, exception made for the left liberal D66 group as well as for the "Green-Left", are stuck like rabbits in the headlights of a Mercedes, not knowing what to do about this utterly un-Dutch Wilders movement.

Wilders is jubilating

The London Immigration Court, in condemning yesterday the UK Government decision concerning Wilders' dangerous upsetting of public order, put itself on the accomodating Chamberlain (1938) line. I hope that the UK Government will oppose that decision and continue in a more Churchillian line, blocking continental follies and preserving democracy and humanism in Europe as a whole.

But, for the moment, Wilders is jubilating.

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