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Wake-Up Call for Dutch Christian Democrats [EN] [NL] 

Next Saturday, October 2, a meeting of provincial deputies of the Christian-Democrat Party (CDA),will approve or reject a coalition contract that it's actual interim leader, Mr. Maxime Verhagen, also acting Foreign Secretary, has concluded with the pathetical islamophobe Geert Wilders. That contract should provide necessary parliamentary support for a conservative minority Government.

Wilders has negotiated christian-democrat support for his anti-Islam and unconstitutional anti-religious freedom hobbies. In exchange for the support of the 24 parliamentarian deputies, out of a total of 150, that he controls, Wilders promised to support draconian cuts in welfare, pensions, student allowances, etc.

At least two of the remaining 21 CDA deputies (out of 41, after a stunning defeat at the May 2010 elections) tend to say "no" to the shameful contract with Wilders. A Dutch website,, linked with the formerly Catholic daily De Volkskrant, produced to-day a "Trailer" intended as a signpost to the participants in the Saturday CDA congress. Even if you do not understand Dutch, you'll understand the strong message it sends to christian politicians who are lost in distress and stand before a choice between opportunism and faith.

You'll find a more elaborate analysis of the Dutch political situation in my yesterday article on in At Home in Europe blog: Netherlands: New “brown” coalition investigated tough new controls on immigration.

The final image of the video reads:

"In the land of Wilders I will not live" - And that is exactly the opposite of what the same Mr Verhagen has been negotiating with the same Mr. Wilders.

La Trahison des Clercs - revisited in the 21st century...

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