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Legal Alien in New York is integrally republished in HUIBSLOG

Legal Alien in New York continues, but is integrated with HUIBSLOG
From November 2005, we published more than hundred posts in the blog "Legal Alien in New York", featuring an European's view on the United States of America. In the wake of 9/11, I discovered a fascinating continent, where everything goes faster, grows bigger and generates more wide shock waves, than on my home continent, Europe with its culture of "Kleinstaaterei" (small country mentality).
  • I focused on the US political system and its falsification under president George W. Bush (Modern Caligula).
  • I followed closely the rise and fall in power of the neo-conservative cabal.
  • The Iraq war and the lies and spin that accompanied it, was an ever returning feature.
  • Some landmark affairs, like the Plame conspiracy, the Karl Rove Spin, the incredible Christopher Hitchens, etc. kept us busy.
  • In the summer of 2006, I took on the "Collapse Of Europe" Conference at Pepperdine University in California, where arch-conservative US agitators met with a well chosen group of European islamophobes.
This last subject brought me back to my home continent, where I got more and more involved in the struggle against xenophobia and against the US efforts to exploit that Angst, in order to promote their imperialist and anti-democratic agenda at home.
An impressive network of US-supported and -financed blogs like "Gates of Vienna", the "Brussels Journal","Fjordman"'s blogging and, lately, also the German "Politically Incorrect" blog, not to mention the Dutch "Ajaan Hirsi Ali" blog, are located in the US and stoke hate and anti-European fears among the people over here.

As the American opposition against the Bush regime, the Iraq war and the neocon fantasies became a strong and widely supported fact, I limited my American-European writing since the fall of 2006 to sharing of publications by Juan Cole, Tony Karon and Tomgram. And do not forget BagNews Notes!

My Euro-American interventions became more sparse. They are now systematically (re)published in HUIBSLOG, where I imported last week all of the 2005-2007 posts from "Legal Alien". Some 20 of those, have already been categorized in this Blog under the category "Legal Alien". (Look for that category in the top bar, under Lists > LIST OF ALL CATEGORIES). The other posts are already here, under their original date of publication, and will soon be catagorized too.

An overview of most highlights from "Legal Alien" is shortly to appear here.

From now on, my America-related posts will appear both in Legal Alien and in HUIBSLOG.

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