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Ulfkottes fairy tales on solar energy spying [EN]

Proudly announced in the German Handelsblatt on 18/19/20 April:

Ulfkotte spies successfully on solar energy pane technology (?!) (Look at the PDF)

On Dr. Udo Ulfkottes website, the Handelsblatt article is featured:
But could it be true, that a complete unknowledgeable person, speaking a language he doesn't know (Dutch), manages at getting secret informations on techniques he is not acquainted with, from an engineer at a German multinational?

The only firm that comes into consideration is Siemens, a German multinational with a Dutch representation.

1. Ulfkotte doesn't speak Dutch (Flemish) as he has repeatedly stressed last year when he enrolled the Flemish extreme right Vlaams Belang movement to help him with the Belgian High Court.
2. In order to understand technical details on solar panes, one has to have some technical education. Ulfkotte has not. And certainly not in Dutch.

So, what should we think about Ulfkottes boastings in the Handelsblatt? It says:

"..with a Dutch accent Ulfkotte called the German firm, presenting himself as a Dutch collegue. [...] Within a few minutes, the engineer told him the composition of the layer of solar cells and how it is being applied. [...]"

Well, I can tell you, this information can be had more completely at any European patent office, and it leads nowhere.
For solar technology is shared between a very limited number of worldwide companies, who jealously guard their techniques.
You may know their patents, but you cannot use them. Only if you are Chinese, and your government allows it.

Ulfkotte scared his readers first with the Mossad (1999-2001, "Gencode J"), then with the introduction of the Euro (2001), and also with the accession of eastern Europeans in the EU (2002), created a hype with the Islam (2002-2007) and, finally, found his newest scarecrow with the Chinese, who are spying upon our industrial secrets.

Ulfkotte is expected as a "keynote speaker" on two industrial security conferences in Germany in September. T-Mobile and Siemens are not amused. The first company was attacked in Ulfkottes 2006 book, while the second denies any Ulfkotte intrusion on its technical secrets.

Participants in both conferences should take note of Ulfkottes negative deliveries, as well as of his negative contributions to small and middle business, because of his anti-islamic preoccupations. On Ulfkottes website, you'll find this:

A racist attitude like this one, featured on Dr. Ulfkottes website, will certainly not help your business to get an optimum of clients!

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