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Ulfkotte and the Jews (2): Casher Meat Allowed until German Jews Become too Numerous? 25.5 [EN]

haGalil is the largest German-language Jewish on-line publication. It had more than 18 million visitors in the year 2006.
The excellent German blog "Politisch Korrekt" has a post on December 15, 2007 (Juden vs PI und Ulfkotte), that remembers a July 8, 2007 article in haGalil (Bloggen fürs Abendland) by Alexander Hasgall of the tachles Swiss Jewish weekly.

Hasgall concentrates on two of the German hate-blogs against Muslims, "Politically Incorrect" (PI, Stephan Herre), and "Akte Islam" (AI, Udo Ulfkotte). The author states, that, in spite of PI's pro-Israeli references and AI's "judeo-christian values", their negative agitation is dangerous, not only for Muslims, but also for Jews.

Ritual Slaughtering: Only permitted, if your number is under the Ulfkotte tolerance-limit...
Leaving aside the parts about PI ("Politisch Korrekt", above mentioned, does a fine job about "Politically Incompetent"), here is something more about Ulfkotte and his views on Jewish culture and traditions, drawn from the mentioned article in the Jewish German press:
Auch der dezidierte Kampf gegen das von Muslimen und Juden praktizierte Schächten irritiert. [..] Auch auf [AI] wird zuweilen heftig gegen die rituellen Schlachtungen Stimmung gemacht. Angefragt, ob er damit nicht Argumente aus antisemitischen Kreisen aufgreife, erklärt Ulfkotte, dass er "aus Tierschutzgründen" das Schächten grundsätzlich ablehne. Jedoch unterscheide er zwischen dem Schächten bei Juden und dem Schächten bei Muslimen. Juden würden "nicht tonnenweise geschächtetes Fleisch einführen" und auch nicht "undeklariert in Dönerbuden verkaufen".
Da stellt sich die Frage, wie Ulfkotte reagieren würde, sollte die Zahl koscher essender Juden in Deutschland anwachsen und mehr koscheres Fleisch importiert werden.
The consequent denunciation of Muslim and Jewish slaughter traditions is irritating also. [..] At [Akte Islam] too, it happens regularly that public opinion is roused against ritual slaughtering. On the question, if he does not follow anti-semitic argumentation in doing so, Ulfkotte replied, that he is 'a principled opponent of animal-slaughtering' because of his "convictions about the protection of animals". But he makes a distinction between slaughtering by Jews and slaughtering by Muslims. Jews are not in a position "to import slaughtered meat by the tons" and do not "sell it uncontrolled in Döner-shops".
This makes us wonder, how Ulfkotte would react, if and when the number of casher eating Jews in Germany would grow and more casher meat will have to be imported...
A Passionate Defender of German Pork Meat against the Intrusion of Islamic Goats and Sheep...
We all know the reason, why there are not so many Jewish people left in Germany (and in Austria).
"Demographically", the German Jewish population number is apparently, thanks to the Nazis, under the Ulfkotte-defined limits for intolerance.
We have to do, here, with a typical Ulfkottean position. An untenable position, as we will see.
He tries to avoid being seen as an anti-semite, by invoking "civilized" principles (animal protection) for his venomous hate-mongering on the ritual slaughter issue.

But pigs, aren't they animals, too? Is the pork-holocaust that daily happens in Germany and in the countries from which it imports that kind of meat, not about "tons" of meat and tortured animals, who have, during their whole miserable life, often never seen the sun or a green meadow?
No. Forgetting about his animal protective principles, Ulfkotte did not one moment hesitate to share the outrage at "PI", when German sweets producer Haribo decided (May 2007) to substitute pork fat in some of their products, by other animal fat that is not forbidden for Muslims and Jews.
Ulfkotte turns a xenophobic gut-reaction (against ritual slaughtering) into a passionate defense of the ur-German swine against the intrusion of sheep and goats in the wake of the Muslim invasion.

haGalil said it this way:
Demgegenüber werden im Blog diffuse christlich-jüdische Werte des Abendlandes vertreten, oft auf fast skurrile Art und Weise: So wurdedie Produktion von schweinefleischfreien Gummibärchen durch den Süsswarenhersteller Haribo auf als ein "Unterwerfen" gegenüber dem Islam interpretiert und es wurde zu Protestschreiben an Haribo aufgefordert. Gummibärchen mit Schweinegelatine sollen, folgt man der Logik der Autoren, die jüdisch-christlich-abendländische Kultur symbolisieren.
In contrast to this, Chistian-Jewish values of the West are en vogue on the blog (PI), often in a more or less scurrilous way: [The production of pork-free sweets by Haribo, HR] was interpreted on PI as a "submission" to Islam [..]. Sweet little bears with porky gelatin, would, in the logic of the blog-authors, symobilise the Jewish-Christian Western culture.

Ridiculous, but also dangerous...
It is all ridiculous. We had already some good laughs with Ulfkotte, when he symbolized Muslim aggression with an image stolen from a violent American subculture-movie. And also, when he tried to set up a "gang-shop" with Judeo-Christian hate-shirts and bags for the thousands of young Ulfkotte-fans he imagined that were going to the Brussels September 11 anti-Eurabia Manifestation he tried to dominate over his (since repudiated) friends from SIOE and of the Belgian right wing Flemish chauvinist party Vlaams Belang.
But the context of the actions of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is too serious, to keep on laughing. Ulfkotte combines his hate-mongering against Islam with juridical harassing of German bloggers, in an effort to silence them. So he is, in my opinion, a danger to freedom of expression on the Web.

Plays into the Hands of Radical Islamists - Intentionally?
And his conscious- ,or unconscious-, caricaturisation of the "serious" populists and white supremacists, makes him a vector of the following:
Grundsätzlich befürchtet Dantschke*), dass die Rhetorik solcher Blogs den Islamisten letztlich zuarbeite und sie stärke. Es werde darin eine homogene muslimische Gemeinschaft gezeichnet und diese durch zahlreiche Beispiele pauschal kriminalisiert. Dies ermögliche es islamistischen Organisationen wiederum, die These des "Kampfes der Kulturen" zu propagieren, nach welcher der Islam dem Westen nach dem Kalten Krieg als neues Feindbild In Sachen westliche "Welteroberung" diene. Auch bestärke es Islamisten in ihrer Erklärung, sie seien die "Verteidiger der Interessen der Muslime".
Basically, Dantschke*) fears, that the rhetorics of this kind of blogs helps and invigorates the Islamists in the end. An image of a homogeneous Muslim community is suggested and that community is being undistinctively criminalized by way of numerous examples. Islamist organizations, then, are being facilitated in their propaganda of the thesis of the "Clash Of Civilizations", that implies that the Islam serves the West as a new "Empire Of Evil" after the Cold War within the context of a Western world domination. It reinforces also the Islamist claim, that they are the sole "defenders of Muslims' interests".
*) Ms. Dantschke is a Berlin researcher, interviewed by the author of the haGalil article. She is also co-author of a publication sponsored by the German FBI (2003/2006), in which she calls Ulfkotte a "racist". See our notes about it in French and in German)

However, shouldn't we eliminate the possibility, that Ulfkotte's hate-mongering is UNconscious?
In the Mossad-Sarkozy hoax we published last week here, he implies, that the Mossad and Sarkozy aimed at exactly the above effect! Ulfkotte cannot deny that he believes in the effectiveness of hate-mongering by targeted (dis-)information. Is it imaginable, that he doesn't realize what he is doing, when he does so himself?

Forcing themselves on Israel and on Jews
It is a common phenomenon, that hate-mongerers like Ulfkotte, try to force themselves on Israel (and on the Jews) as their greatest allies in a world of anti-Semites and Arabophiles. Filip Dewinter, leader of the Vlaams Belang, went in 2004 to Israel and got some Antwerp Jews to join his racist movement. PI has some Israelian correspondents and associates with the Kagane heritage in Brooklyn. American Christian Hate-Islam meetings against the Islamic headscarf, often feature an ex-American Jewish lady, now a convinced colonist on Palestinian soil, who wears a gigantic wig, as prescribed by Jewish Orthodox law for married women (like the Muslim headscarf)...

In the above example of ritual/non-ritual slaughtering, we have seen, how thin and how opportunist the line is, between tolerating, even "admiring", cultural and religious usages, and discriminatory agaitation against them. For Ulfkotte, it is a question of numbers, he says. The moment, he judges, that a "demographical unbalance" comes into being, anything should be allowed in agitation against the intruders.
But, for the time being, he tries to mislead the Jews with "scurrilous" reasonings.

How "Functional Principles" are Born...
Ajaan Hirsi Ali, who, in contrast to Ulfkotte, has developed a theory about the fundamental evilness of Muslims, all Muslims, and particularly the "moderate" people among them, made a proposal, in 2003, in Dutch Parliament, to forbid "genital mutilation" of women, which seems all right to me, but at the same time, of the Islamic prescription about the male circumcision. She had, otherwise than Ulfkotte, no excuse by some unrelated (and pretended) principle, and was embarrassed by hostile Jewish comments against that plan. When she realized, that in the USA, circumcision is very common, also among non-Jews, she was quick to abandon her principles in so far as they concerned male circumcision...

...and how OLD the hate- and fear-mongering against ritual slaughter is!
An interesting precursor of the Ulfkottean agitation against ritual slaughtering, occurred in the beginning of the twentieth century in the Aargau Canton of North-East Switzerland. Since late Roman times, the region has a large Jewish minority population.
Charles Lewinsky describes in a great family chronicle ("Melnitz", 1865-1945), how the "Bürgerbewegungen" of that epoch, prefiguring Pax Europa and its ideologue, masked themselves as animal-protectors against the Jews and hired radical Jewish apostates to obtain at the referendum a majority against ritual slaughtering. They were successful. The interdiction of ritual slaughtering still exists in Aargau. Jewish butchers have to import casher meat from Germany and neighboring France.
If Pax Europa and its local affiliate "Zukunft.CH" are still looking for ways to prove their stand against antisemitism, why not organize a picket line in Zürich in favor of the restitution of the right to ritual slaughter in Aargau?

< Buy Charles Lewinskys Melnitz via HUIBSLOG at (in German) (An English translation was not found).

Jewish refusal to play into the hands of "demographic" agitators
haGalil has the last word:
Auch der Umstand, dass der Holocaust von den meisten selbsternannten Kämpfern gegen Antisemitismus zumeist nur dann thematisiert wird, wenn er in den Zusammenhang mit einer muslimischen Mitschuld gebracht werden kann, stimmt nachdenklich. Schliesslich erinnert dies an altbekannte Formen von Schuldabwehr: Wer mit dem Finger auf andere zeigt, muss sich nicht mit der eigenen Vergangenheit beschäftigen. Dass nicht nur Ulfkotte, sondern auch der Gründer von Stefan Herre in neorechten Postillen wie "Junge Freiheit" publiziert, erstaunt daher nicht.

"It is also a matter for reflexion, that the Holocaust is (in most cases) only mentioned by the self-appointed warriors against Anti-Semitism, when it can be related to any Muslim co responsibility.
It makes one remember some well known incidents of guilt-denial: Who points his finger to others, may waive the discussion of his own history.
The fact that not only Ulfkotte, but also Stefan Herre of PI, publish articles in neo-right-wing pamphlets like "Junge Freiheit", is therefore no surprise to us."
This article is the second one about Ulfkotte and his relation to Jews, Israel and his wavering between judeophobia and opportunist philosemitism.
The Ulfkotte-related articles in this blog can be consulted under the "Ulfkotte" Documents tag in the sidebar.


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Reader Comments (2)

I am sorry, but some of your translations are way off. Since when does "dediziert" ever mean "consequent". And "irritierend" here is surely "confusing" rather than "irritating". Then there's "skurril", predictably but incorrectly rendered as "scurrilous".... It seems that these howlers are due to incompetence rather than an intention to mislead, but they rather do reduce your credibility.

I have nothing to say about the substantive issues, because I do not want to alienate the majority of the world's population by taking a position.

January 12 | Unregistered CommenterRDBenham

@Richard B. - Yes, I am a poor translator from German into English. I will make corrections on the points you indicate. I am open for other suggestions you'd want to make. Do not be afraid to give your opinion. I will publish it, if it is not anti-semitic or negationist.

January 12 | Registered CommenterHuib

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