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Welcome to the Iranian Worker-Communist Movement, Dr. Ulfkotte!

My blogger-friend (and Ulfkotte advocacy victim) Jochen Hoff from Berlin had a big Scoop, this 10th of October!

The German maverick anti-Islam professor Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, who is working hard, to get racist ideas accepted into European mainstream political parties, is desperately seeking a "third position" between the European extreme right and the left who are criminally "soft on Islamism".

That made our Professor Faustus fall into the trap of a rather obscure "worker-communist" Iranian Party in exile.

Did Ulfkotte make a misjudgment again, like last year, when he allied with extreme right wing separatists (Vlaams Belang)? Or, is he preparing the Citizens Movement Pax Europa, which he presides, to convert to workers councils' communism?

Mina Ahadi,

is well known in Germany as representative of the "Central Council of Former Muslims". She is also a leading member of the "Workers-Communist party of Iran" (WCPI). This party is in exile all over the world. In 2006, it started an international petition against "US Imperialism" as well as "Islamic Terrorism", positioning itself as a "Third Camp".

This idea of being a third force, was slightly adapted to the conditions in the German city of Cologne, where a pan-European right-wing anti-islam Congress was to take place on 19/20 October this year. "US Imperialism" was traded in for "brown xenophobia" and "Islamist terrorism" for "islamic culture of dictatorship" (Herrschaftskultur).

And that is how it became true, that Dr. Ulfkotte (Photo 2), on a rainy Saturday morning on a square in Cologne was leading a communist demonstration, assembling not more than 15 participants, in favor of the "Third Force" slogan of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran.

An anti-religious movement

The WCPI people call themselves Worker-Communists, in order to distinguish themselves from the Caviar-Communists of Tudeh. The latter ones supported in the beginning the Chomeini revolution of 1979. The WCPI are however staunchly anti-religious. After a WCPI-revolution in Iran, parties like the German CDU and CSU would not be tolerated.
To the WCPI-members like Mina Ahadi, the Islamic roots of Iran (and Iraq, where there is also a WCPI-branch) are as irrelevant as the judeo-christian cultural roots of Europe are important to Ulfkotte and his German and Swiss fundamentalist-protestant followers.

Is this another neglect of security? Or has Ulfkotte adopted a version of selfgoverning councils-communism?

Time and again, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte tells businessmen at security-conferences, that they should not be naive, check and double-check their personnel and business-partners, so as to avoid economic spying and sabotage.
In an article in the German Handelsblatt (April 2008), Ulfkotte warns sternly German entrepreneurs against Chinese and Middle-East business practices. And now? Did Ulfkotte, as president of the Civil Movement Pax Europa, himself not check and double-check with whom he entered into an alliance?
It seems so.
If it is true, I fear, that this neglect may be detrimental to Mr. Ulfkotte's Security business.
And what will the members of the Civil Movements Pax Europa say about this?

Councils Communism (Rätekommunismus) is an old and rather respect-worthy variant of Marxism. It is about workers' self-governance and it has nothing to do with Stalinist dictatorship.

Maybe, Ulfkottes deception with mainstream democracy is so vast, that he has adopted a middle class variety of workers' councils. We will see, if he will be able to set up in his community some kind of self-governing civil council, based on an oath of allegiance to judeo-christian cultural traditions, so that Muslims can be excluded.

Whatever will happen - everybody agrees: Never a dull moment with the merry German Doctor!

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