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Wilders MP against Iran opposition: "For they are muslims, too" [EN]

November 2009. Dutch Parliament in The Hague. A meeting of the Commission for international relations. Discussion about solidarity with the democratic Iranian opposition, that braved a few months ago the brutal suppression by the Iranian Government and its militias.
Mr. Raymond de Roon, MP for Mr. Wilders' PVV party has the floor.

About Raymond De Roon and his affiliations
Mr. De Roon is, up to now, one of the most educated members of what is commonly called the Wilders "gang" or "mafia" (for his party has no members and is led dictatorially by Geert Wilders). He has a fundamentalist Protestant background, was State-Prosecutor at several locations, and, as a student in the Seventies, joined a militia linked to the Gladio Network, that had as its objective to spread terrorism against Governments that were (in the Gladio vision) leaning too much to the left. Until his father forbade it.
Gladio is (or was) a network of former right-wing anti-Nazis and their kinsfolk in Europe, that, supported by NATO and CIA, infiltrated the Brigate Rosse in Italy, the RAF in Germany and the CCC in Belgium. All in the name of anti-Communism.

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Afshin Ellian geeft giftig advies aan “Sint” Job Cohen. Stuiptrekkingen van een mislukt plan. [NL]

afshin ellianZou NRC-columnist Afshin Ellian misschien de Krapuul-scoop over de gemiste heiligverklaring in Los Angeles van “Sint” Geert hebben gelezen? De vroegere radio-agitpropper van de Tudeh (Iraanse Communistische Partij) vanuit Kabul heeft het vandaag over “Sint” Job (Cohen).

Deze laatste zou, zo zegt Ellian, moeten “polariseren” om de mensen die door Geert Wilders verleid zijn tot mensenhaat ook mee te kunnen nemen in zijn schijnbaar onstuitbare weg naar de top in de verkiezingen van 9 juni.  NRC, 27 maart 2010


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Welcome to the Iranian Worker-Communist Movement, Dr. Ulfkotte!

My blogger-friend (and Ulfkotte advocacy victim) Jochen Hoff from Berlin had a big Scoop, this 10th of October!

The German maverick anti-Islam professor Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, who is working hard, to get racist ideas accepted into European mainstream political parties, is desperately seeking a "third position" between the European extreme right and the left who are criminally "soft on Islamism".

That made our Professor Faustus fall into the trap of a rather obscure "worker-communist" Iranian Party in exile.

Did Ulfkotte make a misjudgment again, like last year, when he allied with extreme right wing separatists (Vlaams Belang)? Or, is he preparing the Citizens Movement Pax Europa, which he presides, to convert to workers councils' communism?

Mina Ahadi,

is well known in Germany as representative of the "Central Council of Former Muslims". She is also a leading member of the "Workers-Communist party of Iran" (WCPI). This party is in exile all over the world. In 2006, it started an international petition against "US Imperialism" as well as "Islamic Terrorism", positioning itself as a "Third Camp".

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Willkommen bei den iranischen Rätekommunisten, Herr Ulfkotte! [DE]

Da hat Jochen Hoff am 10. Oktober einen Riesen-Scoop!

Ulfkotte hat entweder (wieder) eine grossartige politische Fehleinschatzung gemacht, oder ... hat er jetzt den Rätekommunismus umarmt?

Mina Ahadi,

die man hier neben Ulfkotte sieht während der "Kritischen Islam Konferenz" am 12. September in Köln, und nochmals, am 19. September bei der ulfkotteschen "Massendemonstration" der "Dritten Kraft" gegen braunen Rechtsextremen UND gegen linken Verrätern die der "Herrschaftsanspruch des Islams" beigetreten seien, diese Frau Mina Ahadi also, ist eine Hauptvertreterin der iranischen "Arbeiterkommunisten" die im Iran eine Arbeiter-Räterepublik gründen möchten. Eine kleine-, im Exil lebende, Bewegung, die in den meisten westlichen Ländern vertreten ist.

Antireligiöser Rätekommunismus

Mir ist die ideologische Gesinnung der "Arbeiterkommunisten" eher sympathisch. Obwohl Anhänger von Marx und Lenin, sind diese Arbeiterkommunisten (im Gegensatz zu den Salonkommunisten der Tudeh von Teheran) alles anderes als Massenmordheuchler, wie die Stalinisten.

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