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2. Ulfkotte believes that Sarkozy won the French Presidency through a Jewish Conspiracy [EN]

Ulfkotte.jpgIt is hard to believe your eyes ,when you get to page 57 of the "Mossad" chapter of Ulfkotte's 2006 book about the world's secret services (Der Krieg im Dunkeln - Die wahre Macht der Geheimdienste, Eichborn, Frankfurt/Main, February 2006).  Ulfkotte will let us believe, that a Jewish conspiracy between the Mossad and Sarkozy, who has some Jewish roots, manipulated the French presidential elections which were scheduled for May 2007.


The French Suburbs in November 2005 

In November 2005, violent rebellions were shaking French suburbs. Young immigrants were confronting the police. Arson, cars in flames, deaths, wounded and mass arrests.  French Minister of the Interior at that time, was Nicolas Sarkozy, who vowed to "clean up that mess with a Kärcher" (a powerful cleaning machine). Half of French citizenry applauded, the other half was disgusted. The latter half was the majority, at that moment still clinging  to Socialist presidential candidate Ségolène Royal.


I happen to know somewhat intimately, for more than 35 years, the French suburbs. It is my work. Immigrants from a number of countries of Africa, of the Caribbean and of Asia are stacked in apartment buildings, far from downtown life, and far from accessible facilities for education, culture and work. Roughly 60% are from Islamic origins, the others are Christians or something else. In another country, such a situation would have lead to much more problems than it has done in France. Most inhabitants of those  modern slums are proud, to be French, or to be in a position to become French.

The French Nation-State ideology, like its American counterpart, is very powerful and inviting to civil participation. Motives for rebellion are not rooted in a nostalgia for life in an imaginary lost home country, like we know them in Germany, Belgium of Holland, but in frustrations about NOT being accepted in the new fatherland, France.


That was, what that rebellion was about. And in spite of xenophobic conservative French opinion, Sarkozy and his Government sought and found solutions for integration of the rebels.  I am not the first one to say that it works. I have seen too many frustrated efforts in that sense. But the French minorities are not secessionists. Every opportunity to become French, they will welcome. No doubt whatsoever, that that series of riots was authentic and not manipulated. Neither by Islamists, nor by the Mossad, as Ulfkotte would like us to believe.


 A Mossad Agent Provocateur Shows his Work (Devastated McDonald's, Paris Suburb, November 2005)

Mossad Agents Organised the Riots? 

Listen to what our secret services freak has to say about the November 2005 events  in France:

"Die Abteilungen [des Mossads, HR] Metsada [zuständig etwa für Sabotage und verdeckte Attentate] und LAP [Psychologische Kriegsführung , beispielsweise tendenziöse Berichterstattung in den Medien zu erzeugen und die mit Israel sympathisierenden Journbalisten zu instruieren] wurden zum Beispiel während der schweren Unruhen in Frankreich im November 2005 gemainsam aktiv. In den Städten [Folgt eine reihe von frz. Städten, HR] schürten sie über Agents-Provokateurs die Unruhen, die sich bald auch über [folgt eine neue Reihen von Stadtnahmen, HR] ausbreiteten."


"The departments [of the Mossad, HR] Messada [responsible for sabotage and for hidden killings] and LAP [psychological warfare, for instance biased reporting in the media, and giving instructions to reporters who sympathize with Israel] went into action together,  during the heavy disturbances in France in November 2005. In the cities [Follows a long list of French cities, HR] they ignited with agents-provocateurs the disturbances, that spread soon also to [Follows another list of French city names, HR]."



"Während die Medien die vom Mossad lancierten Geschichte von einer spontanen Erhebung sozial schwacher Einwanderer aus den Vorstädten in der Öffentlichkeit verbreiteten, beobachtete man in westlichen Geheimdienstkreisen schon seit langem die Bemühungen des Mossad, in Frankreich, das seit Jahrzehnten proarabisch ausgerichtet ist, eine anti-arabische und antimuslimische Stimmung zu schüren. Britische und deutsche Nachrichtendienstler berichteten mir in November 2005 übereinstimmend, dass man in den genannten Städten in einigen Fällen im Hintergrund auf israelischee Agents Provocateurs gestopssen sei. Es sei aber unklar, ob der Mossad  die Erhebungen […] ursprünglich auch initiiert, oder aber nach deren Ausbruch nur insgeheim weiter geschürt habe"


"While the media served to the public the Mossad-invented story of a spontaneous movement by socially crippled immigrants from the suburbs, some occidental secret services observed since long the efforts by the Mossad in France, a country that has a long history of pro-Arabic policies, to provoke an anti-Arabic and anti-Muslim surge. British and German Secret Service men  reported to me in November 2005, so I could cross-check, that in the [French] cities mentioned here, in some cases, in the background, they got into Israeli Agents-Provocateurs. It is, however, not evident, if the Mossad has initiated the rebellions at the start, or that he has merely inflamed them secretly, once they happened."

Ulfkotte explains:

"Nach Angaben eines Gesprächspartners von MI6 verfolgt Israel mit solchen Aktionen das Ziel, Muslime in der öffentlichen Meinung generell als unberechenbare Bedrohung erscheinen zu lassen, die nicht integrationsfähig seien.


"As an Agent of [British] MI6 told me, Israel has the objective, in executing those actions, to have the  public opinion believe, that Muslims are generally unreliable and not apt to integrate."

Ulfkotte stresses that  "eine geschickt agierenden Psy-Op Truppe" can do everything in nowadays' Europe, to launce a riot within a short lapse of time, and create an enormous rebellion. And, as a supreme proof, he writes (p 57):

"Es ist wohl kein Zufall, dass Nicolas Sarkozy aus einer Familie jüdischen Glaubens stammt und wirklich ohne Absicht mit seinen provozierenden Worten die Stimmung gegen eine bestimmte Bevölkerungsgruppe in Frankreich schürte."


"It is perhaps no accident, that Nicolas Sarkozy comes from a Jewish family and that he,  really without meaning to do so, ignited with his provocative words the feelings of the common French against a certain part of the French population."


French President Nicolas Sarkozy with his Mother (November 2007) 

A Jewish Grandfather makes Sarkozy part of a Jewish Conspiracy!? 

Well. Judge for yourself. Hiding behind unnamed German and British, ipso facto unverifiable -, Secret-Service sources, Ulfkotte pretends here not less than that Sarkozy, because of his Jewish grandfather or great-grandfather [from the Salonica Ladino Jewish community that existed there from 1492 to 1944, when it was exterminated by Eichmann (Source: Mark Mazower: Salonica, city of Ghosts: Christians Muslim and Jews, 1430-1950, London, 2005), HR] was working hand in hand with the Mossad in November 2005, in order to provoke anti-Muslim feelings among the French!


The Ulfkotte proposition is utterly ridiculous. More than 20% of the French electorate vote for Le Pen, who leads a party that is not only anti-Semitic but also anti-Islamic. Would Sarkozy, if he wished an anti-Islamic upsurge in France, need some Israeli  agents for that? Could French public opinion, fed daily by national television networks who do a good journalistic job, be misled by a handful of Mossad agents-provocateurs and some journalists bought by them? Who could reasonably doubt the spontaneousness and the reality of the hopeless situation of the people who went rioting?


In Udopia, secret brotherhoods rule 

But the venom is in the last paragraph: 'It is "no accident" that Sarkozy has a Jewish forefather'. In other words: Jews, even quarter-Jews who grow up as Hungarian lesser nobles and anticommunist emigrants, are always conspiring with other Jews… Not a shadow of proof. For Ulfkotte, the fact that among Nicolas Sarkozy's forefathers there is one, who was a Salonica Rabbi, and at home in Istanbul, where he sent his sons to the French Lycée, is enough, to invent a worldwide Jewish conspiracy!


Is this racism? Maybe yes, maybe no. The proposition provokes racist prejudices amongst an uninstructed public, that is for sure. But that may not have been Ulfkotte's intention. To him, history is made, in the end, by secret manipulations, by misleading public opinion through psychological warfare. In 2005, the Ariel Sharon Government was pushing Jewish Frenchmen to emigrate to Israel, exaggerating the dangers, Jewish communities in France incurred from anti-Semitism and Islamist terrorism. But that is quite another thing than an effort to change French public opinion as a whole. In fact, no anti-Jewish incidents are known to have happened during the November 2005 riots.


As Ulfkotte seems to believe, that politics are made by élites, who act together and against each other along ethnic, racial or business lines, there is some "logic" in his madness. He seems perfectly unable, to see, that a "social" uprising mostly has its own roots and cannot ne "steered".  There MUST be some Secret Service behind the screens! Therefore: "It is the Jews, again!"


Love-Hate Relation with the Mossad and the Jews 

Reading Ulfkotte's latest Secret Services book, one is struck by the hate-love relation he has to the Mossad. He admires the "rücksichtslose" ways in which it acts. But at the same time, he shares the contempt and the jealousy, other secret-services have developed against the small elite force. The Mossad do not abide by the rules, the unwritten rules of, for instance, a British service. That becomes very clear in the novel "Gencode "J" that Ulfkotte wrote in 2001. We will come back to that book, but one incident, the novelist invents, struck me in this context.


 A sympathetic German businessman has developed a software program that the Mossad absolutely wants to steal. A murder intrigue by a Mossad faction, situated in Egypt (Luxor), against the man, fails. Then, Ulfkotte makes the Mossad approach the Jewish, completely secular, wife of the businessman, demanding from her, as a Jewess, to betray her husband.  She says "no", of course. But our Secret Services expert should know, that that is absolutely never the way, Israeli services operate. Such an imagination only could only occur to somebody, who believes, that ethnic and cultural links are  primordial and that people make choices, not from conviction, but from gut feelings.


Ulf%20Oelanbetung%207904.jpgHate-Mongering against a "Culture" 

This belief also underpins also Ulfkotte's agitation against everything Islam in a blog, called "Akte Islam". Out of an unconscious contempt for his audience, he produces a daily dose of so-called "news facts" that have in common, that Muslims play a despicable role in them. Many of them are completely or partially untrue, exaggerated or truncated. In the accompanying illustrations, Muslims (or people who are considered as such, for instance in the "chain-saw" article I wrote about) are masked as criminals. Is that "racism"? No, Muslims come from different races. But it is the way, Ulfkotte thinks, that he may create an exacerbated "us" against "them" feeling.


(Image: A pin with Muslim (?) praying at a Gas Station. Ulfkotte opened in September 2007 a "Gang Shop" at the Leipzig "Sweatshirt" internet-selling company. This vulgar object was originally sold by the American "gates Of Vienna anti-European hate-blog.)


That boils down to the discrimination and hate-mongering, the lawmakers have wanted to eradicate, when they voted laws against discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender. Discrimination and hate-mongering against a "culture" or a "civilization" is a bad-lawyers' way to avoid the law. Or, for that matter, saying that it is a problem of "demography", as if that statistics-based science judges about "good" or "bad" composition of a population (!). The worldwide respected French Islam-expert Olivier Roy, for instance, has called another French professor (Robert Redeker) a "racist" for much less than Ulfkotte produces daily in his Blog ("Esprit", November 2006).  And Roy has not been sued.


Does Ulfkotte think, that hate-mongering is permitted, when it is a "Psy-Op"? 

Ulfkotte's AgitProp  is too amateuristic, to compare it to the Stürmer agitation against the Jews in Nazi times. But there is a "Psy-Op"-intention behind it, that is perhaps to be taken seriously, as it has much to do with Ulfkotte's apparent obsession with showing to the real Secret Services, how they have to act against the Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy that is turning Europe into an Eurabia, with the Sharia as Law. Ulfkotte thinks, that those services intentionally neglect the work they should do in his eyes, infiltrated as they are by MB agents, lead by political Dhimmis and their journalistic lackeys.


Ulfkotte becomes a nuisance for serious white supremacists 

The serious right-wing extremist anti-Muslims and white chauvinists feel more and more uneasy with Ulfkotte as a clown in their midst. Their fierce pro-Israel  stand, for instance, makes it difficult for them, to tolerate Ulfkotte's wild anti-Jewish ramblings. The "Akte-Islam" Blog is probably seen by them as a bad copy, worse: a caricature, of the much more successful "Politically Incorrect" Blog. How and why Ulfkotte was not present at the European anti-Eurabia Conference in Brussels, October 18/19, will be a subject for a next post in this series.


Conclusion: Conspiracies everywhere 

What to make of all this? Taking Ulfkotte's understanding of another group, another "culture", than the Muslims he is presently diabolizing, helped to see clearer into his ways of thinking about Psychological Operations (PsyOps). It may be, that he sincerely believes, that "the real power" is in the hands of Secret Services. He may also be honestly outraged, that the Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy he thinks that he has discovered, is not being crushed by the only actors and the only methods he can imagine: "Hass schüren" (hatemongering)  by way of the Psy-Op- and Disinformation - Departments of the Secret Services.


He thinks that this is because of another conspiracy, an Islamist-Left cabal that is networked over all Europe and supported by some other Secret Services (In Germany, e.g., the Information Service of the Army and/or the Verfassungsschutz).


Although the political party he wants to start, goes out of its way, to stress, that they are willing to act on positive themes, like the European Judeo-Christian Cultural Heritage, Ulfkotte nearly exclusively produces negative texts, intended to criminalize other "cultures", Jewish, Muslim or whatever he finds useful.


o_roy.jpgI think, that Olivier Roy is right, when he calls this way of doing "racist". For "race" was used, during Nazi times for instance, for anybody foreign, "volksfremd": For Slavic people, who are racially as white as any German, or for the French, who are even more Germanic than most Slaves, etc. Therefore, discrimination and hatemongering against any group, can well be called "racist", even if the target is not racially defined.


(Olivier Roy) 

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