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Last Plame Ditch by Hitchens?

A desperate effort to generate at least some smokescreen around the Niger yellowcake hoax in Bush' running up to the Iraq war of 2003 appears in "Slate" Magazine, naturally and expectedly written by neocon fellowtraveller Christopher Hitchens.
Ranting about a diplomatic visit of a former Iraqi Vatican ambassador to several West-African countries (among them, Niger) in the year 1999 (!), not mentioned apparently by former ambassador Wilson in his book (why should he?), he implies that Wilson could have been hand-in-glove with Iraq, or utterly naive (being too pleased by the favour done to him "by his CIA-wife" Valerie Plame, choosing him for the fact-finding mission in 2002).
While everybody knows, that the Niger uranium digging is exclusively in French hands and while nobody supposes but a moment that the French would have sold nuclear material in 1999 to saddam Hussein, this last-ditch effort to protect Karl Rove and his boss, is lamentable.
The neocons and their stooges become caricatures of themselves, lately. Look for instance at the pityful articles in the Weekly about the so-called hidden revelations in the "Saddam Papers" that American forces took in 2003. Nothing new, boring as hell - even the Pentagon cannot make sausage of it.
That makes my task (self-imposed last year) easier. Too easy. So easy, that it is no challenge any more.
There is but one great challenge left: Democracy.
Neoconservatives "accept" democracy (as if that were a favor), and traditional conservatives do not (or do otherwise). That makes them special. It is the main reason, why for instance a French intellectoNut like Bernard-Henri Lévy sits at the feet of Perle and gets an "American Vertigo".
We are going to tare down that sole remaining Neocon entry-card to the civilized world soon. Promis-Juré.

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