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Wilders exhibits Israeli Rights' real projects 21/6 [EN]

Recently, I had to explain twice to English and American friends, that the Neanderthal valley is not the cradle of the modern Netherlands. The ancient human branch called "Neanderthalians", who had probably no spoken language, were exterminated long ago, by ourselves, the "homines sapiens sapiens". At that moment in time, the Celtic and Germanic ancestors of modern Dutchmen, were even not yet immigrated into Western Europe. We are all immigrants!

Was it a genocide? Was it an ethnic cleansing? Probably, their primitive and violent culture was considered a danger to the culture of the African-Asian immigrants of that era. Why do non-Dutch people think, that, maybe, people from the Netherlands are Neanderthalians, thirsty for revenge? We all feel a vague guilt about those poor humanoids, like we do about violently slaughtered cattle, bonobos, seals' puppies, lambs, Bosnian Muslims, Amerindians and pogrom victims. Otherwise, I cannot explain, why we even listen to people like Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders is a peroxyde blonde human looking like an extraterrestrian. He was interviewed on CNN (LINK) and was not able to explain why he does not condemn jewish and christian genocide justifications, while accusing all, all, muslims in the world of adopting a "criminal ideology" in spite of the reality of Muslim's peaceful life in historical times. I catched him throwing around Viking axes against European Muslims in Denmark (LINK2), and finally, telling Israelians what to do with Palestinians, being interviewed in the Haaretz paper (LINK3)

Link1: Wilders on CNN:

I do not agrree with the red antizionist comments that have been included. Of course. Concentrate on Wilders' embarrassment, when asked to explain, why old formulas would condemn Moslims, but not Jews or Christians...

2. Outrageous words: "I am very much in favour of a two-state solution. One Jewish state called Israel including Judea and Samaria and one Palestinian state called Jordan." Something even Avigdor Lieberman  wouldn't dare to say publicly. But Wilders did.

3. Wilders on Haaretz

Israel will be a major part of Geert Wilders' next film on Islam, the rightist Dutch legislator said last week in an interview for Haaretz. He praised Avigdor Lieberman, observing "similarities" between Yisrael Beiteinu and the Party for Freedom - a small movement which has grown to become Holland's second most popular.

It all started in Holland, when he announced, together with Ajaan Hirsi Ali, in the spring of 2004, a "liberal JIHAD" against the Islam religion (NRC, Dutch). Nobody noticed. Hirsi Ali and Wilders were both parliamentarians then, elected on the VVD lists (conservative liberal) in The Hague. In 2006, Hirsi Ali became a problem for the Dutch conservatives and was deported to the US, where she still lives as a collaborator of the neoconservative American Enterprise Institue in Washington DC. After being threatened (like Hirsi Ali) by the Salafist murderer of Dutch Filmmaker (and antisemite) van Gogh in November 2004, Wilders radicalized. He left the VVD party and started one of his own, keeping his seat in Parliament.

Being in a certain sense a hostage of the islamist movement (forced to change home, being guarded by agents 24/24), Wilders took it upon him to take the whole Dutch society as HIS hostage. It became impossible to criticize him, for every, even so timid, contradiction, is immediately considered as "sharia socialism" or worse. And every time, the tension seemed to diminish, Wilders contrived a new provocation against Muslims, or against "the Left", that made it necessary to continue his "safety protection". ("Fitna" Film, March 2008).

Getting 9 out of 150 seats in parliament in 2006, Wilders PVV party was (and still is) a parody of a democratic party: the structure is governed by a "foundation" (legal structure) with one unique and only member of the board: Mr. Geert Wilders. There are no members, no party congresses with voting rights, and the money is provided by anonymous national and international (American) sponsors. Dutch law still permits such a contraption to act as a political party, while the majority of EU members have strict regulations for party organization and finances. EU imposes that, at the moment I write this, on Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. Why not on Holland?

There are several causes of why the Dutch democracy failed to absorb the Wilders attack.

  1. The political system has always been based upon the "Pillars" (Catholic, Protestant, Liberal, Socialist). People do not identify with a "pillar" any more and loathe the "backroom arrangements" that governed the state until recently under the pillar system.
  2. There is no defense against external interventions into the democratic process: No regulation of party democracy, no regulation of party finances.
  3. The shock of the "Fortuyn" events in 2002. All of a sudden, popular anger against traditional policy translated itself into an upsurge that changed nearly all of traditional values. Christian Democrats adopted part of the populist themes and got themselves a central role in politics. Now, again, CDs do not exclude cooperation with Wilders in a new government.

At this point of time, Wilders is going international. Like many Dutchmen, he doesn't understand very much about the wide world. That is no problem with the Israeli supremationists. They enjoy every fool, who cares to be of help to them on the world stage. But it hurts, when you are interviewed on CNN (Link1) and you cannot reply to normal interrogations. I do not think that even racist Danish people did accept anything Wilders said in Copenhague on June 14 (Link2). Too outrageous. Silly Neanderthaler! But funny, isn't he?

Today, I found Wilders' interview with Haaretz (Link3). Wilders Copenhague rantings were not a slip of the tongue.  The retractions (2 days before) on the site of his PVV party were only intended to calm public opinion. Wilders signs and persists. All Muslims will be chased away.

He proclaims an ethnic cleansing and deportation of millions of people, from Gaza to Egypt, from Jerusalem, Nablus and Galilea to Jordan and other Arab countries. Why? To justify the same in Europe!

Why should Israel provide a justification for genocide to European madmen?

Why should Dutch tolerant society let that man do?

Geert Wilders is a danger to Holland, to Europe, to Israel and to the Middle east. Like my friends on Sargasso (Holland) say: It is all-out WAR now, with Mr. Wilders!!

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