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Pepperdine 2: "Ibn Warraq" tells his tale.

Something kept me from continuing the sad story of the Pepperdine "Collapse of Europe" Conference. I think, it is too bad, too villain, to be true.
A host of academicians, scientists, public personalities from Europe and from the US, coming together, just to smear efforts of Europeans to come to grips with immigration, maintaining humanist policies, offering a decent living to foreigners.

Finally, I understood, that all this is only set up, to galvanize a popular upsurge in the US against foreigners. It is no matter of concern, if the informations about Europe are true or false. The selection of European speakers guaranteed a confirmation of the Steyn-inspired axiom: "The European left, the European Liberals are betraying Christian (Judeo-Christian) 'culture' (whatever that may be), as they are creating 'Eurabia'".

The next speaker, 'Ibn Warraq', is introduced by Vik Rubenfeld in 'The Big Picture' as follows (My comments are in red):

Ibn Warraq discussed the brief history of secular Islam, and then gave an example from his own experience, of how the supremacy of Islam is taught to Muslim children.

Ibn Warraq: Although I think, doctrinally, there is no separation of state and mosque, I think there was a de facto separation according to some scholars, within the history. [..] If, as many of us fear, Europe does collapse, in the next 10 years - if for example, by giving into demands from Muslims for a greater introduction of Islamic law, for greater autonomy within the European nation states, forming in effect a nation within a nation, and by continued immigration from Muslim countries, and a higher birthrate from the Muslims already living in Europe, the collapse will be very largely due to at least - this is a very rough figure, of course - at least 6 factors:

  1. The denial of reality.
  2. The spirit of appeasement.
  3. The loss of national identity.
  4. The loss of cultural confidence.
  5. A willingness to grovel before the Arab League for short-term economic gains - for oil, gas, and markets.
  6. And the nature of Islam itself. [.....]
Since we will be discussing multi-culturalism later on today, I will concentrate perhaps on the nature of Islam.

As I told you before, 'Ibn Warraq' doesn't exist. The 'Religion Report' of Radio National (Australia) reports on 10/10/01:

Secularist Muslim intellectual Ibn Warraq - not his real name - was born on the Indian subcontinent and educated in the West. He believes that the great Islamic civilisations of the past were established in spite of the Koran, not because of it, and that only a secularised Islam can deliver Muslim states from fundamentalist madness. Little wonder that he chooses to keep his identity secret.
Warraq is a pet of Daniel Pipes. He appears everywhere, when Islam as such has to be smeared. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was apparently not enough. The parrot explains his role and his obedience to the rules set by the American Freedom Alliance President:

Last night Avi Davis was telling us that we should anchor our accounts in some personal experience. I had to go to Canada, Toronto, to renew my work visa, about 8 months ago. And I went through Minnesota and I stayed with a niece of mine. She came to Canada about 9 years ago from Zimbabwe. She's married, and she has 4 children. All four children were born in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. She was telling me - she told me this story herself. One day in the kitchen, her children were all very excited, because there was a big ice-hockey match, between a Canadian team, and the Sabres, I think, in Buffalo. And they were all very much, of course, for the Canadian team. They were saying, "Mama, we are really going, we are really Canadian, we really want the Canadians to win!" And she said she brought all the kids into the kitchen, and said, "Listen. Don't you ever forget. You are not Canadians. You are Muslims." This was their primary identity. And you can imagine the conflicts this must have engendered in the children. What they will be going through in the next few years, I don't know.

Why do I think, suddenly, of a parent, who wants to shield her/his children from stupid hooliganness? Why do I think of a good Christian mother, who educates her children to make a distinction between matters of the commerce and matters of the mind? Why do I remember, that I ask my daughter, to look with a critical eye on television to a-cultural, commercial programs? Why do I suggest to go and look together at cultural events, relayed by European programmers? - Maybe, I am educating wrongly my child, introducing her to the "ummah" of European, Western culture?

Ibn Warraq:

All Muslims swear allegiance to the ummah, the worldwide Islamic community. So the dangers don't come, won't come just from suicide bombers, but ordinary Muslims, who just somehow have been taught, from a very early age, to shun Western values.
[..] And there they are: "Ordinary Muslims", who, doing just the same thing as a Christian mother in the Midwest would do to her children, are being depicted as a permanent, hidden, danger to society. Don't Christians swear 'allegiance' to Christ and to the Bible? What is wrong with that? As long as they do not impose the ten commandments in courts, as long as they do not forbid the teaching of Darwinism in schools, I am sure, the American Constitution is on my side.

In Europe, Christian sects nor Islamic fundamentalists are allowed to pass laws (like it has happened in some US states) forbidding the teaching of science in schools. Who is 'collapsing' here?

Mr. 'Ibn Warraq' knows best:

[..] for example - I think this example comes from Eurabia, Bat Ye'or's book - a contemporary Iranian shiite scholar, Abbas Ali Ahmed Sanjani, expressed the Islamic position when he stated that Islamic law forbids cultural dependence, or any cultural accord that subordinates Muslim culture, to that of foreigners. He wrote, quote, "Islam strongly rejects such a friendship, and forbids Muslims from engaging in such a treason."

Is it permitted to ask: Which European country or region has copied that Iranian fundamentalist Shiite ruling? - Answer: NONE.
Second question: Who is the American army general, who forbade any cultural communication between Christians and Muslims, considering it a "treason"?
Every informed American knows the answer. And we are happy to note, that he was reprieved. What he did, was unconstitutional. Mr. Warraq does the same as he did. And worse. - Look how he concludes:

The European establishment turns a blind eye to mullahs in mosques in Western countries, preaching hatred of Western ways, of Jews and Christians, and who strongly advise Muslims to educate their children in the spirit of jihad.
Pipes himself, nor Avi Davis, would have said anything like that in public. They have their agitprop-stooges like Warraq and Hirsi Ali for that job. But our source, the eagerly listening Vik, takes it all at face value:

Two observations: first - the Sharia Court of the United Kingdom? [Ibn Warraq mentioned such an institution, HR]Is there really such a thing? Has the Islamic cancer-like strategy of dawa, hejira, and jihad, been so effective, that there is now such a Sharia Court, and the British have permitted it? A quick search brings up confirmation of this via an article from the U.K. Daily Express, posted to LiveLeak on May 3, 2007:


MUSLIM radicals have established their own draconian court systems in Britain.

Controversial Sharia courts have been set up in major towns and cities to impose Islamic law and enable Muslims to shun the legitimate British legal system. [..]

Does Vik really believe, that the Blair Government would allow such 'courts'? Even the Daily Express, a conservative sensational paper, does not say so. But Americans are lead to believe, that British Justice has been outlawed by Islamists. Vik cannot wait to conclude:

The effectiveness of cancer-like strategy of dawa, hejira and jihad, in seeking to subvert, dominate, and destroy, the host non-Islamic culture.
This cannot be permitted in the West. We have to recognize the phenomenon of dawa, hejira, and jihad, study it, and act to put an end to it within our borders, in order to defend our freedoms.

And this is only where we are arrived at the intermission of the afternoon session on 'Eurabia'. It continues in the next post.

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