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Leon, Donna- Sin Brunetti/ Without Brunetti

  • Sin Brunetti/ Without Brunetti (Biblioteca Formentor)

  • April 2007. I am into unconventional crime authors.

    Donna Leon, living and writing since 25 years in Venice, Italy, is one of them. Her Venice crime series is famous. You not only feel soon at home with the Brunetti family, but you'll miss them every time you finish another Donna Leon.

    There is one condition for your pleasure and satisfaction: You'll have to agree with (or be sympathetic to) Leon's comments on Italian and European mores, that are often sharp and liberal-leaning.

    I read her autobiographical essays called "Sans Brunetti" in French.  A first edition in Italian is being offered on An edition of the English (American) written original text at has been added in spring 2008. 


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