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PlameGate: 'Slate' is the best.

PlameGate - John Dickerson: Matt Cooper testifies at the Libby trial. - By John Dickerson, Dahlia Lithwick, and Seth Stevenson - Slate Magazine
The best coverage of the Scooter Libby trial, to me, is Slate's. It is a day-to-day report of what really happens in court.
It has become evident, already, that:

'Scooter' Libby, Leaving the White House, October 2005, after
having resigned because of his indictment

* Libby was NOT informed of Valerie Plame by reporters, but that we have to deal with a full-fledged campaign, initiated by his boss
* Libby's own counsel sketched a version of the facts, that depicts Libby as a victim of the White House's efforts to keep Bush's witch Rove out of the line of fire;
* and that there was panic in the White House, following Wilson'sq revelations in his NYT op-ed in July 2003.
US justice is good, mostly, but often slow.
We cannot expect an outcome that permits an indictment of Cheney and Bush before the end of their term, in 2008.

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