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LOG 7.11.07 [EN] Dutch Courage and Uruzgan


Today (6.11.07) I added a call to support the "een land een samenleving" movement in Holland to my blogs De Lage Landen and In Europa Thuis. With former Groen Links deputy Mohammed Rabbae and former Liberal conservative party leader Hans Dijkstal as presidents, it is a rather weak institution, but they have had the courage to counter prevailing xenophobia in the country. So God bless them, please.

uruzga%20npatrouille_152345e.jpgA more extensive post about Uruzgan was also added to those blogs. The myth about a supposed Dutch "soft" approach to Afghan resistance was definitively crushed by a French report about casualties and refugees on October 31 in Libération daily. An article in the Dutch NRC, reporting Australian refusal to participate in a Dutch operation against supposed Taliban attacks, illustrates the transition from "development aid" to full participation in the US policy of counterterrorism attacks in the region of Uruzgan. 

Our Watchblog Islamophobie action [DE] takes shape in an organisation that has been founded in the Kiel assembly of its contributors. I am a member of its standing committee. Yesterday, BigBerta put my attention to the meeting in Brussels (Counter-Jihad) that was organised by Debie of the Vlaams Belang and that brought together the Littman couple, Arnaud Dotezac and Dutch TV commenter Professor Hans Jansen (picture) with Philip Dewinter. They are actively networking. A reply is necessary. It is coming up. More in At Home in Europe, tomorrow.

islam%20dotezac%207704.jpgComing up: An e-urban evaluation of the INTA/Aydin conference in Istanbul; a reassession of Srebrenica after my visit there; and a review of books on Enlightenment.

 I am doing fine, thank you.

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