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Bush and Miers. Bush and Merkel.

Bush and Miers. Bush and Merkel.

Where had I stumbled before, on this same, patronizing, ideal-son-in-law, father-in-law look?
Suddenly I remembered: Bush and Miers! In the White House. When he launched her ill-fated candidacy for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today, it is Ms. Angela Merkel, incoming German "Bundeskanzlerin", to whom the burning, hopeful eyes of little Caligula Bush are pointed.

It must have something to do with George W.'s relation to his mother, Barabara Bush. Did she neglect little George? Did she prefer the other sons? Was the revenge of George Jr. related to seducing other women to come to his defense? Did that become a neurotic need to have a number of women around, who, in contrast to his mother, cared about little George? Women like Condi, Miers and the new State Department Envoy (Whatshername?), who proclaim, loudly and clearly, that the president is caring?

I cannot go deeper, at this moment, into the sources of this particular presidential way of dealing with strong, caring, women. Who has a clue?

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