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The Weakly Standard (2)

Tableau de la Troupe

Fred Barnes, Executive Editor Weekly Standard


Irwin Steltzer, economist, slightly marginal to the Persuasion Centre



William (Bill) Kristol, Son Of-, Editor in Chief



Here is why I cannot hate Americans, even if they read the WS:

"Question of the Week

Senator John McCain has proposed an amendment to next year's Defense authorization and appropriations bills that would make illegal the torture of terrorists held at Pentagon facilities. Do you believe it is acceptable to torture prisoners under certain c
No, the United States should never, ever torture prisoners

Yes, if the prisoner is a "ticking bomb"

Yes, enemy combatants should be afforded no legal protection

Yes, if interrogators believe torture may advance their objectives

1 7%"
An inquiry on today's TWS website shows, that participants are 40% in favour of McCain's proposal to stop torturing army prisoners (some hours ago, it was even 41%), and we may count the 20 (formerly 22) % who make an exception for ticking bombs, also as taking a more or less independent and human point of view. If visitors on TWS website, who are for sure not biased by liberal leanings, think so independently, I see again, why I am a Friend of America...

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