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Fathers of Invention

Father Bush

When it became evident, that father Bush and his inner circle did not approve too enthusiastically of what son Bush was doing in Iraq (first critical publications by Bent Scowcroft, 2003), the New York Times asked George W., why he did not listen more to his father. Reply:
"I listen every day to another Father. I need no other one."
NYT: No comment. No question like:
"And what does He tell you?"

Father Cheney, in divine disguise?

Somebody fatherlike must have been saying to our Caligula, that in Iraq, there are weapons of mass destruction, chemical bombs of a forbidden kind.

I suppose, it was Dick Cheney. And little Bush mistook his words for a divine inspiration.
But, we never shall know, if it was Cheney, appearing in his morning prayer

("Georgie! Wake up! Halliburton needs that contract today!")
- or the Inventor of Intelligent Design Himself.

Whatever - it was too intelligent for a man, so proud of his C-levels.

Celestial Father?....

Even I, who cannot boast on a direct line to the Master of Eternity, I know that to Him, a year is but a second. His present spans centuries. It does not bother Him, if it is 2002, 2003 or 2004. But there can be no doubt, that George W. believed that it was Saddam Hussein, who was accused by his daily Inspirator.

So, when said weapons were not found in Saddam's arsenals, and Bush got only Saddam's personal gun to show in his toy collection in the White House, he stood up to his Father and tried to do better than Him: Human researchers were sent out, to dig up what God had not (yet) revealed.

... or was it the Devil?

Had Bush's original misunderstanding of God's message about WMD been forgiven, as it was evidently a sin of ignorance and well-meant naivity, the hubris of intervening into Gods disposition, based upon sinful doubt over His veracity, provoked, as always, His wrathful Ire.
But He restrained Himself, knowing that the terrible truth of His prophecy would come to the fore and be an exemplary punishment to the sinner.

And, bylo!, we know now for sure that God was, as always, right about the chemical weapons in Iraq! Phosphor Bombs and other chemical weapons were not only present in the country, they have even been used! Only, it was not in 2003, but in 2004. And it was not Saddam Hussein who deployed them, but the American Marines, destroying Fallujah and many of its civil inhabitants!

What is the morale of this story?

 You may listen as much as you like to any of your fathers of invention,

but do never try to understand what they mean.

Their Design is impalpable

and if you try to do better than them,

they will expose you as the sinner you are,

like all of us.

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I write and talk a lot about dreams, primarily because I know we serve an awesome and amazing god, who gave us dreams for an awesome and amazing reason.
Link to this site: religious inspiration

February 9 | Unregistered Commenterjoel

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