BloggersBlock (EN)

A writers' block. You know what that is? Well, a bloggers block is nothing else.

My last blogpost dates from August, 2015. 

I had an idea for writing, every day. But writing it down was too much. 

Frustrating, no? 

Last Friday night I went to the yearly 'BlogBal' in Amsterdam. Bloggers are mostly elder people nowadays. Like me. We bought drinks at a bar and drank them with cheese and sausage. A Frisian stand-up comedian amused us. And I went home. My youngest daughter Shana was expected at midnight, arriving from Brussels with her new Italian boyfriend at my humble home in the Drecht center in the deep South East of the city of Amsterdam.

At the entry of the Blogbal, I was very happy to find my name on a ready-to-wear tag. And one of my favoured blogsters, a lady who calls herself #oudzeikwijf kissed my hand. Traditionally it is the Man who kisses the lady's hand, but the change of kisser role struck me as an historical signal. 

But, OK, I had to be the welcoming parent for the young lovers from Brussels who were to stay at my apartment unril Sunday. So I missed the late night "schuifel" moment at the Blogbal. Did I miss something of value? Did somebody else miss me? 

I shall never know. But blogging will come back. Twitter is stupid. Facebook is a more civilised way of communication. 

Who knows? Maybe I will be blogging again from here.

(Image: Huib in Odessa 2012. Photo Shana)

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